About Starfruit Company

Starfruit Company was established in 1991 and built up its reputation over the years by providing high quality of fresh Fruits and vegetables. The company had gained experience in being specialized in supplying Luxurious restaurants and five star hotels. We offer our customers the best satisfaction of products by delivering them with refrigerator track record vehicles to assure the quality is always up to standards.

Our company is dedicated in selecting its certified suppliers from all over the world to enhance product availability and quality.

The variety of facilities that our company offers is another way to satisfy our customers. These are some of our offers:

  • Healthy and hygienic foodstuff makes clients lifelong partners.
  • Commits to provide its clients with best quality products selected from world-class suppliers.
  • Nonstop services to keep its clients at ease even during crises and price fluctuations
  • Timely delivery via its actively operational fleet of vehicle.
  • Constantly pursues the state-of-the-art techniques in foodstuff supply industry.
  • Seeks total quality in selecting, transporting, and storing fruits and vegetables.
  • Establishes strong relationships with fruit and vegetables hubs and suppliers from all over the world to secure nonstop provision of its products.


Starfruit Company’s achievements had been recognized worldwide for the quality standards: